Do you want to create an online backup of precious memories? Are you looking to save your cherished photos and video clips on a cloud? This guide will help you find the best cloud storage for videos and photos.

Gone are the days of the family gathering around old photo albums and laughing at old memories. Today, people bond this way gathered around devices connected to a smart TV. Be it a phone or a tablet, it’s natural for people to store cherished photos and videos on smart devices now.

However, such devices can only hold so much data. If you’re losing memory space to photos and videos, it’s likely time to start considering photo cloud storage. Keep reading to learn the best online cloud storage for photos and videos.

1. Google Photos Google Photos is a great photo cloud storage solution, especially if you only want to store photos and videos. You get unlimited photo storage on Google Photos for high-resolution pictures. You can store videos with resolutions that go up to 1080p. Compare this with Google Drive which only gives you up to 15GB of free storage. Download the Google Photos app for free and start storing your photos on the cloud service. Although, most Android devices already have the Photos app pre-installed. The best thing about it is that it uses AI-powered cataloging and searching functions. You don’t have to skim through folders of photos. You can instead search for specific images by using their content or subject.

2. iDrive iDrive receives 5-star reviews on a regular basis thanks to its fair pricing structure and great features. Choosing cloud storage for videos and photos can be a challenge when there are so many options available but the top reasons to invest in iDrive as your solution is because it offers fast uploads and downloads, a user-friendly interface, and automatic image detection and uploading. You can expand the space needed for photo cloud storage at an additional cost.

3. Dropbox When you are researching the best cloud storage for videos and photos, Dropbox is an obvious choice as it is one of the biggest file storage platforms where you can upload with ease. Further features include mobile apps, automatic transfer of files and folder assist aspects. One of the best free cloud storage for photos and videos because of the 2GB free account. The paid plans offer terabytes of photo cloud storage space. Dropbox is a winner because of its proven network cloud infrastructure and the ease in which you can restore a previous version of your gallery.

4. iCloud Apple users will love the iCloud for its great integration with Apple devices. If you have a Mac or iPhone, you get an iCloud account automatically. With iCloud Drive, your photos and videos become accessible across all your devices. The gateway point is the iCloud website. You also get the benefit of having automatic backups of your photos on the iCloud Drive. This makes it not only an awesome photo cloud storage solution. It also becomes a great service for creating backups of memories and video clips. As a note, the automatic backup is accessible via the iCloud desktop app only. The iCloud is available for free, offering 5GB of photo and video storage space. You can upgrade it up by 2TB more for $9.99 per month. If you want cheaper options, you can get the 50GB upgrade worth $0.99 per month or 200GB upgrade for $2.99. This is great for Apple product users who only need a little extra space for their photos and videos

5. Flickr Do you want to store your photos and videos online without spending a cent on a cloud storage service? If you want the best free cloud storage for photos and videos, Flickr is the best option for you. One minor drawback to using Flickr is that it only supports JPG, GIF, and PNG images. The first 1000 photos and videos you upload on this platform are free. You also get to view your images in a good-looking photostream. This is one of the most notable features of Flickr, making it perfect for presentations. If 1000 photos won’t be enough, you can get an upgrade for only $7.99 per month. Considering that it already gives you unlimited storage and makes your experience ad-free, it’s worth it. You won’t have to upgrade a second time to get another terabyte’s worth of storage.

6. Things to Consider When Picking Cloud Storage Services Now, you may be wondering about the best cloud storage for photos and videos. As you observed, there are many options online. Yet, the ideal cloud storage option will be different for each person depending on your needs. You may love photography and often save using the TIFF or RAW format. Certain cloud services are perfect for this while others are more suited to photo-viewing rather than storage. Another consideration is the price of the cloud storage for its size and features.

Remember, the best cloud storage for photos, videos, and files must fit your needs best. Choose a cloud storage solution that fits your budget and offers the storage size you need. Also, consider the features and accessibility, especially if you’re often on-the-go. For example, if you want free cloud storage for a thousand photos at most, pick Flickr. Its paid version gives you unlimited storage. It is perfect for those who want to get a little more storage for their money’s worth. If you want a cloud solution that has a good balance between versatility and value, consider OneDrive. Its 1TB package is cheaper and already includes the Office 365 package. It’s perfect for those who are also looking to buy Office along the way.

Just to be safe, I suggest you use more than one storage cloud as well. Store Your Photos and Videos on a Cloud Now I hope you found the best option for online photo and video cloud storage. Finding the right cloud storage platform may take trial and error, so be patient. The good news is that most of them offer free cloud storage for photos and videos.

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